Jorge Suárez

Front End Software Engineer



Drop the Needle App
Jorchata is a simple chat application in which users can create a room with a password and send messages to others with room access. Built using React Redux for the front end and Node.js Express for the back end, it uses to enable event driven websocket chatting. Once the room name has been taken, the user can return to that room at any point to have another conversation. Technologies: React, Redux, Node.js, Express,, AWS EC2, AWS S3, BCrypt, HTML5, CSS3 Github Visit
Drop the Needle App
Drop the Needle is a quiz game app where one hears a snippet of music and has to guess the artist before time runs out. It uses the Spotify API as the source of its music and data. A user can choose from his own Spotify playlists or search all public Spotify playlists to play. All the final results are saved and can be viewed in the dashboard. This project was pair-programmed 90% of the time. Some solo responsibilities were user creation upon first login, and saving the user's quiz results. Technologies: MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.js, Spotify API, AJAX, Bootstrap, Heroku, HTML5, CSS3 Github Visit
Savit App
Savit is a budgeting app in which a user can find out what their daily spending limit should be. Users can enter their transactions, assign a spending category, and later analyze their spending/saving habits in their dashboard. Savit was a group project. Some responsibilities included: user authorization, budget calculation, transaction entry form and data manipulation, transaction history dashboard table, and styling.
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, jQuery, PostgreSQL, AJAX, Bootstrap, BCrypt, Heroku, HTML5, CSS3
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Bar Marks App
Bar Marks is an interactive bar/club finder. A user can report details regarding the ambiance at their location, meanwhile another user can access the review through a map view to decide if the environment is desirable. Developed both front and back end. Implemented Google Maps API, authorization, and validation.
Technologies: MongoDB, Express, Node.js, AJAX, Google Maps API, Bootstrap, BCrypt, Heroku, HTML5, CSS3
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